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Tyler: 2010 adventures
Bobcat broke Raccoony's heart
Poor little Raccoon girl wondered

"How could he leave me for a dog?
Bobcat was the light of my life.
I loved him so much, I'd do anything for him... "
December 2008
Bobcat & Raccoony were an item. She groomed him, he licked her in return. They licked each other's faces as that is the place a cat can't lick itself.

They curled up together and slept in each other's paws.
Raccoon girl was one year old when 10 week Bobcat came into her life and into her care. She mothered him. Raccoon girl hunted little mice, that would fit in a spoon, to give the kitten for his rodent chasing practice. She taught him how to hunt gophers, too.

They were constant pals. Until Tyler showed up.
December 2009
Bobcat was in Rusty's bedroom, not with Raccoony, but with the dog.

Raccoony was too frightened of the German Shepherd to venture past the kitchen barricade door to where the dog played with her favorite kitten. She could no longer visited Rusty in his bedroom.

Bobcat had fallen in love with Tyler and they played in the room where once Raccoony cuddled with her love.

Raccoony had been dumped for a dog.
Dustball, the senior cat girl at 5 years of age, spotted the lovers in Rusty's bedroom. She was shocked!

Later she meow-blabbed to Raccoony that Tyler & Bobcat were in Rusty's bedroom. Raccoony was deeply hurt.

She suffered a cat broken heart that ached every bit as much as a human broken heart. She had lost her darling Bobcat —to a dog.
Tyler was driven wild by Bobcat. His cat scent was like a narcotic to the young German Shepherd.

He was powerless over cat scent.
Tyler lay panting on the floor with his dog brain stuck on one thought—"Cat smell good, cat smell good, cat smell good..." —that ran over and over like a tape loop.
When Tyler panted it meant he was stressed. Rusty had read that dogs can be positively or negatively stressed. Tyler exhibited positive stress around cats.

Even all alone Tyler would pant when his dog brain replayed scenes & smells (dog thoughts) of cats or other things that amazed him.

Rusty observed his dog, panting on the floor, with an idiotic grin. Tyler was having thoughts that excited him. But he looked like an idiot; a maniacal dog whose wolf heritage was lurking near the subconscious surface or his inner reality.

Rusty thought it was like having a race car idling near his feet.

For 4-months Rusty warned "NO BITE CAT!"
Tyler forgot and bit Bobcat's leg. It was broken in a compound fracture. Rusty got out his 1959 Boy Scout Handbook to review the first aid for splinting. The next day he purchased cheese cloth & plaster to set the leg.

For anesthesia he used that ether containing car start fluid from the auto parts store. Bobcat recovered but soon gangrene set it. Rusty used surgical techniques from the Civil War to rapidly amputate Bobcat's infected leg. He sent DNA to the California University at Davis where the Biology Dept. used cloning/stem cell techniques to grow a new left leg for Bobcat. They shipped it FedEx to Rusty who grafted it on with his Exacto knife.

Bobcat recovered and the lapse of "No bite cat" was soon forgiven if not forgotten. Bobcat stayed vigilant to prevent Tyler from biting him a second time.
But Raccoony was too scared to cross the dog barricade door at the boundary of the kitchen/living room where Tyler, Bobcat, Dustball, and Rusty hung out. She was the border kitten who patrolled the farm. She was the sweetest cat Rusty had ever known. But she was a nose biter. When he drew his face near hers she licked his nose a few strokes before clamping it between her teeth. She liked to hold Rusty's nose that way. That was her only fault.

Every day when he saw her, he cuddled with her to express his deep love because Raccoony was an Angel with a heavy heart. The kitten she loved dumped her for a handsome younger dog. But her other love, Rusty, still had a big part of his heart that beat only for her.
Raccoony is a 10 pound cat Angel who lives on the perimeter of the Cat & Cactus farm. Her soul lives in Rusty's big heart.
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