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Tyler pooped in Costco
"Forget the HD TV.  I want that dog!"
December 16, 2009

Another true story
Tyler had one of the busiest days in his life--too long to recount all the events.

After a full day at home we still had to go out and shop. When we arrived at Costco it was mobbed with Christmas shoppers. Rusty said to himself "Don't go in. Come back another night." But they went in.

It was stressful!
People everywhere crowding the isles. All the way in the back of the store Rusty looked for Kirkland butt wipe but could not find it. Finally he figured out that the entire pallet load of it was sold out. There was no butt wipe.

Tyler's accident
Right then he realized Tyler was pooping! "Tyler! No! They are out of butt wipe! If you poop you can't wipe yourself--there is no TP!" But Tyler pooped a messy wet one. Uh, oh!

There was an Angel nearby--their friend Debbie -- a mature lady that reminds Rusty of Reggie (who rescued Tyler). Debbie always pets Tyler and talks about her dogs. Each time Rusty & Tyler shop Costco they look for her supervising the re-stocking team.

Rusty found Debbie who gave him paper towels. As he cleaned up Tyler's mess an obese 10 year old boy stood watching. "That stinks! What happened?"

Rusty stared right into the boy's insensitive fat faced eyes "He had an accident -- just like you do!" Then he saw the truth of his come-back resonate in the child's mind. He knew the boy crapped his pants sometimes and suddenly the boy knew Rusty knew he did. The kid's face went gray before walking away.

Rusty wiped up the last puddles of Tyler's shame, who was in a "Down" about 5 feet away. Suddenly Tyler began barking at him. "No bark! Quiet!" he implored. But Tyler barked again. Rusty was now super embarrassed that not only had his dog crapped but now was also a barking annoyance.

Quickly he finished up, gave the "OK" release command to distract Tyler before he barked again. They scootered off to find Debbie & dump the plastic bag of dog crap.

Admiring public
As they continued shopping numerous people stared smiling at Tyler because of his red Service Dog vest and excellent behavior. Each time Rusty stopped Tyler would sit and make full eye contact with him as he praised "Good sit! Good look at me". People's faces revealed their disbelief. They were amazed such a powerful German Shepherd could be so handsome & precisely controlled. It was like they were thinking "Forget the HD TV. I want that dog!"

People pointed with smiles on their face as the boy & his dog scootered together in reverse, or made super tight 180 degree spins. People yakking on cell phones could be heard reporting that a highly trained dog was patrolling the isles.

Handsome dog!
When one woman said "What a good looking dog" Rusty smiled with his stock reply -- "That's from my mother's side of the family. She was pure German."

This caused a woman nearby to laugh heartily --drawing Rusty's gratitude as he told her "Thanks! I worked on that joke. And my mother really was 100% German."

On the way home Rusty hugged Tyler. "You did good today Tyler. It was one of the longest and most stressful days you have had. Your accident was not your fault. You didn't do anything wrong. I'm proud of you. You ran 6 miles, you played with 4 dogs, you shopped Costco packed with people. You did real good!"

Cat Angels
At home the car was surrounded by his 3 cats who walked on its roof and crept into the open hatchback as he unloaded supplies. Rusty greeted each cat by stroked its fur, speaking softly in gratitude for each one while he thanked God for these 3 cat Angels.

Later that evening Bobcat and Tyler played together on the floor; Tyler licking the adventurous cat as Rusty stared in wonder. The lamb lay down with the lion. Only Rusty no longer knew which one was the lion...or which one the lamb.
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