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No chew cat!
Tyler could not stop watching Bobcat.

Rusty constantly reminded the young dog "No chew cat!"
Tyler and Bobcat were sort of an item. They were mutually attracted.
Bobcat ruled Tyler. He made him sit on command.
Tyler thought Bobcat was the most interesting thing in the house.

"Cat smells good" his dog brain registered.

Rusty watched and said "Yes, cat does smell good. But no chew cat!"
"Cat smell good" Tyler thought to himself for the 100th time in 10 minutes.

Bobcat was flattered to have such a big, manly dog appreciate him. Sure, Tyler was smaller than Rusty but still he was happy for the attention.

"Dog is fun!" he thought to his cat self.

The"No Chew Cat!" poster
This inspirational poster proves that even a kitten can train a German Shepherd with only love, patience and wickedly sharp claws.
PDF high resolution download of Tyler the Wonder Dog!

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Print your own copy!
Display proudly in your house!
Attract joy & Angels!

Yes! I want to download the PDF poster of "No Chew Cat!" (1MB file)

Thank you Tyler & Bobcat!
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