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Tyler: 2010 adventures
Little Miss Sunshine
Tyler had a special mint mark on his head
His soul was created by 10,000 Angels. The mark on his skull proved his Heavenly design.

The Angels had been sad for Rusty, because he had lived alone for 25 years. His cats loved him but asked God to give Rusty a bigger cat that could protect all of them; a cat so big Rusty could explore a larger world with that magnificent creature by his side.

Souls as great as the one in Tyler are difficult to make in these days of Heavenly cutbacks, and layoffs. Nevertheless 10,000 Angels volunteered to create a soul to put on earth as a companion to Rusty.

Why did Heaven do this?
Because good reports about Rusty had been received for decades from his cat Angels. First was Spot, a stray who answered Rusty's prayer to God for "someone to love." Rusty loved Spot unconditionaly. Spot brought in a second cat Angel—the amazing Rusty. Then came Dustball, Cougar, Raccoony, and Bobcat. Each cat Angel reported the same truth. Rusty was worthy of a great canine soul.

And thus it came to be.
Tyler loved his master
Tyler made Rusty play with him

He wanted to get Rusty away from the computer. He thought Rusty wasted too much of his life doing that digital stuff.

So one morning Tyler brought his favorite dog yard toy, Little Miss Sunshine, to Rusty as Rusty sat typing on the computer.

"Arf! Play fetch!" he said.

But Rusty didn't know if Tyler could play fetch inside the house without getting over excited and knocking stuff over.
Rusty used Little Miss Sunshine like a puppet. He made her dance, kicking her little ball feet sort of like that thing Charlie Chapman did in "The Little Tramp."

Rusty sang her song—

"Little Miss Sunshine, dancing for you, Little Miss Sunshine - she's shining through - OH! Little Miss Sunshine dancing for Tyler..."

He just made up verses sung in ventriloquist fashion in a silly child like voice. Sunshine danced across the table, out into the air above Tyler's head.

Tyler could only endure just so much of Sunshine's taunting until he leaped up to snatch her as Rusty commanded "Take it!"
"Take it!"
Tyler clamped down on Sunshine!
"Give" "GOOD GIVE!"

When Rusty said "Fetch!" Tyler brought Sunshine back.
When Rusty said "Give" he dropped her. "Good give!"

Tyler loved Sunshine. She was his favorite toy, next to sausage panda and pink flamingo.

He enjoyed how Sunshine danced and even sang his name.
Rusty tossed Sunshine like a frisbee. Tyler fetched her across the room.
Tyler always brought the toy back to Rusty
This was required practice - homework - from the dog training class. Donna wanted Tyler to practice the "Give" command.

Give is very important!
Suppose your dog picked up a gun, hand grenade, or a bag full of crack cocaine. You would want the dog to give it to you - to drop those items out of his mouth - instead of chewing them.

That is why dogs have to learn "Give".
Tyler had been well behaved!
He had proved to Rusty he could play fetch inside the house without getting over excited. He was playful but gentle in the computer room- not running at a gallop like a freight train the way he did outside.

"Good boy!"

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