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Lad: a Dog (Tyler's hero)
First published in 1919, Albert Payson Terhune's Lad: A Dog is actually a collection of immensely popular magazine stories. The hero is an extraordinary collie named Lad, "a thoroughbred in spirit as well as in blood." Lad is a character who has poked his muzzle into a million hearts, and new generations of dog lovers will also appreciate his loyalty and courage. As Terhune himself wrote, "few... bothered to praise the stories, themselves. But all of them praised Lad, which pleased me far better."  [Amazon.com]
Tyler's dog hero
Bitten by a deadly copperhead Lad disappears and is assumed to be dead. However, the instincts of his ancient wolf heritage bring him to the swamp where he submerged himself in the muddy ooze up to his nostrils for 3-days as the magical healing properties save him from a voyage to the other world.

When Mistress recovers from a near death bout of pneumonia Lad celebrates by chasing the cow, ruining the cream, steals a 12 lb. leg of mutton from the kitchen, destroys the uniform hanging on the line of the nurse who had kept him out of Mistress' sick room.

As these events are reported to Master during the course of the day he remarks "Oh, let him alone. He is only doing what I would do..." (?!)

Lad is entered in his first ever dog show at Madison Square Garden and inexplicably wins two blue ribbons.

Driving home from the show he's thrown out of the master's car because of a faulty door latch (?!) and within minutes is being chased by a crowd screaming "Mad dog!" led by a policeman who fires his revolver at Lad a few times (on a New York City street no less!) -- one bullet grazing the noble canine. Meanwhile his oblivious master & mistress drive on to New Jersey.

The crowd chases Lad to a pier on the Hudson river into which he dives to swim back to New Jersey while dodging tug boats. He then finds his way home to The Place; Sunnybank Kennel. There Master and Mistress praise him. "Oh Lad! What a good boy!"

Soon Lad saves a kitten tossed in the fireplace by a bratty child, etc.

Lad, a Dog
is the original tear jerker. But I'll bet he took steroids.
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