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Grocery shopping with Tyler
Tyler went to the Oakdale food store for the first time.
Rusty needed peppers for his pot of Mexican beans. And some tomatoes...and some sour cream for the cats. Raccoony and Bobcat loved sour cream like it was ice cream! Oh, and Rusty would buy a cow bone to bake for Tyler, too.
It was a long trot to the store
Tyler ran behind the scooter.
Rusty had to hold the camera backwards without looking to take pictures.

Most of the shots were blurred. But this one came out OK.
Tyler had never been in the store before.

He had to wear a "Service Dog" vest with a special patch.
Tyler was very calm & well behaved!
Tyler made it without eating any children or attacking any good smelling women.

Out in the parking lot Rusty hugged him and praised him for being such a good boy!
Tyler happily trotted the miles back to the house.
By the time they got home the full moon was up!

It was so beautiful Tyler asked Rusty to take a photo of it. He did.
Tyler had been perfectly behaved in the grocery store. That meant they could go back any time and shop again.
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