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Tyler: 2010 adventures
Prey drive training
Tyler had a special new toy
Rusty watched an episode of The Dog Whisperer with a problem German Shepherd. The dog was agressive because it wanted to eat the woman's little fluffy rat dog. Cesar Millan took the GSD to a shutzhund (German word for "sports dog") training place.

The trainer had a toy on a rope dangling from a stick. He swung it around to get the GSD chasing it. This invoked the dog's "prey drive". The trainer could use this in working with the dog. So Rusty made one for Tyler.
Tyler's whirling toy stick
Tyler liked the swinging toy stick thingy
Rusty whirled it around and around.

He would let it dip down to skitter along the ground so Tyler could leap for it.
Tyler had to fetch, then "give"

When the young dog caught it he fetched it to Rusty, then obeyed the "give" command.

This was, after all, homework from dog training class.
Tyler caught it!
Tyler gave it to Rusty

Good boy!

Tyler had to practice "Sit" with distractions.

So Rusty dragged the toy back and forth. "Stay", "Stay"...he'd remind Tyler.

Tyler stayed.

Rusty taunted him with the toy.

Tyler stayed.
Tyler did well. He stayed even with the distraction of the toy.

Rusty was proud of the progress this young GSD was making.
On the way home they stopped in the Boxville park. The moon was just 1 day from being a full moon.

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