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Tyler: 2010 adventures
Tyler's first "Down stay" on verbal command
Tyler enjoyed his evening tractor walks through the almond orchards of Oakdale.

But he didn't like the sprinklers that whipped around hitting him with a shot of water.

Sometimes he ran to the other side of the tractor, out into the road, to get away from them.
Rusty found a side road that they explored. He stopped to admire the sunset.

"Sit" he said to Tyler and he sat.
"Stay" he said and the young shepherd dog stayed.

Rusty played out the 15 foot leash while Tyler sat.

"Tyler come" Rusty said and his dog trotted over to him.
"Sit" he said and Tyler did.

"Down" Rusty said and Tyler lay down. Rusty froze. Tyler had gone into the "Down" position purely by verbal command for the first time. A deep feeling of love welled up in him. His dog obeyed him; an acknowledgement from Tyler that Rusty was his pack leader.
Tyler's first "Down" by verbal command (not being pushed down into it).

"Tyler, why did it take you so long to do the down position on a verbal only command?" Rusty asked.

"I was waiting for you to have your camera ready so you could take a picture. That way it will last longer."
Rusty walked back. Tyler stayed.

The sun set, yet still Tyler stayed.

But the amazing thing was how intently he gazed directly into the eyes of his master.
Tyler had not only accepted Rusty as pack leader, but deeply respected him. Rusty was fair with him, gentle, and calm. Rusty was living up to the responsibility to be a better person so that he could be a better master to his dog.

Finally Rusty said "OK!" and Tyler got up. Rusty said "sit" and when Tyler did so he praised him.

Then the two companions headed home on the tractor.

More adventures of Tyler the Wonder Dog...
(above) Tyler looked directly into Rusty's eyes for his master's directions.

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