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Tyler: 2010 adventures
Tyler and Rusty crossed HWY 120 to explore the north end of Brennan Rd.
Rusty waited for a Monday when there would not be a lot of traffic. On the weekends there was lots of traffic because HWY 120 went to Yosemite Park. There was also "Gold country", and "Lake country" so the traffic included campers, trailers, and pickup trucks hauling boats or those ski things like motorcycles.

When Rusty and Tyler got to the Railroad track the road was clear —so they dashed for the other side. North Brennan Rd was farm country with cows & steers and even a Berkeley Farms dairy.
They passed by the Berkeley Farms dairy.
The smell of cow poop was strong. But it was a natural smell.
Tyler saw a fruit tree!

Rusty asked the lady who lived there. She said "Sure! Take all the grapefruit you want."
Rusty was in grapefruit heaven
The tree was right next to an irrigated almond orchard. That made the fruit full, ripe, delicious!

That tree had so many grapefruit Rusty could never drink all their juice.
With a basket full of free fruit they traveled on to explore north Brennan Rd.
The sky was lit up from the sunset.

The grass was cool.

It was a magical time of day.

Tyler sat while Rusty fiddled to get the sky properly exposed. Tyler stared past him.
When Rusty turned around he saw what had attracted Tyler's attention. Steers!

Steers are cows that were boys that got castrated. Sort of like Tyler was except he was a dog of course.

The steers were walking over to look at Tyler.
The sun had slipped below the horizon as the earth rotated to eclipse it. A chill breeze told the two adventurers that it was time to go south of HWY 120.

It was time to go home and juice those grapefruit.
More adventures of Tyler the Wonder Dog...

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