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Tyler: 2010 adventures
Rose house
Tyler liked roses. Best was the rose house on Ribier Dr. in the heart of Boxville. He told Rusty he wished they could live there but Rusty explained they were poor, & a rose house cost too much. "It means you have to sign over your soul to a 30-year mortgage." Tyler had not lived 1-year yet so 30 years was beyond his dog comprehension.
First they saw the cat Dustball in the field

Rusty felt like he was dreaming because the day was so still, quiet, and lovely. He felt like the "real world" had slipped away to be replaced by a good dream.

Tyler was smiling.
Then they found another cat
Tyler discovered a bronze panther at the middle school. It was the mascot for the little kiddies he supposed. "Why a panther?" Tyler wondered. Oakdale was a dairy and nut farm town. "Why not make a statue of an almond with arms & legs sort of like Mr. Peanut?"

Tyler found a dirt pile in the middle school field
Tyler sniffed & then he dug
Gophers were prolific in the Central Valley. God loved gophers a lot because he made so many of them. They served some special purpose of nature. Only no one knew what that was.
Carignane way led to Chablis Dr., then to Ribier Dr.
This is where they discovered the rose house. It was the cream of Boxville. A sort of secret loop where all the homes were custom designed by architects. Rusty thought it was the scariest part of Boxville. All the wealthy people had huddled on this loop trying to escape the mediocrity of the cookie cutter builder's houses.

But this island of the elite only reinforced the feeling that it was a prison. These special people had isolated themselves with their own mirror images.

There was no joy on Ribier Dr., nor was there on Chablis Dr., and Carignane way was the same.
The light had a strange quality because the sunset was glowing off a huge cloud bank. Rusty's camera would not focus on it properly, so he had a hard time photographing it. The picture shows a small portion of the strangeness that he felt, the cloud that created this shadowless orange light.
While Tyler took his rest Rusty snapped a nice profile shot of his German Shepherd head.

People often remarked what a handsome dog was Tyler. Rusty would agree and say "He gets his good looks from my side of the family. My mother was German."

That was a good joke because many people smiled at it.

More adventures of Tyler the Wonder Dog...Coming soon

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