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Tyler: 2010 adventures
No fruit trees in Boxville
There were abundant fruit trees where Rusty came from. But Oakdale did not have many. All the trees were ornamental or shade trees. Sure, there were orchards of nut trees. But Rusty wanted to map out the residential orange, grapefruit, lime, apple, and lemon trees. He hoped to find an avocado tree like there had been in Mountain View. Rusty and Tyler explored all the residential streets near where they lived trying to find fruit they could steal.
Free fresh fruit was fun! Rusty wanted to make grapefruit juice, orange juice, and lemonade.
First they had to get new batteries for the scooter bigger ones so they could explore further.

Tyler had a special seat in the car
Rusty took out the passenger seat from his 1991 Honda.
Did Tyler require a seat belt?
Governor Schwarzenegger had heard about Tyler
"Dear Mr. Rusty,

The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) forwarded to my attention your question "Does Tyler require a seat belt?"

We have determined that he does not need to wear a seat belt. This decision was based upon your excellent safe driving record combined with evidence that Tyler is a Wonder Dog with magical powers. The State of California is aware that Tyler may be a saint.

California is proud that you and St. Tyler live in our great state. He is hereby authorized to ride in your car without a seat belt. If any public safety officer (cops) stops you while driving just show the officer this letter from me authorizing you and St. Tyler to do whatever you like in California.


Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger

Tyler was the only passenger
Rusty had in many years because Rusty lived alone like a hermit. Nobody was going to drive with him. 

His pal Tyler didn't care if Rusty was fat, old, or had problems getting along with other people. Tyler liked Rusty just that way he was, and Rusty liked Tyler being his car passenger. 

Off they went to get bigger batteries for the mobility scooter.
They traded in the pair of 36 Amp Hour batteries for a pair of 40 Amp hour ones. These were bigger and a lot heavier.

With bigger batteries in the scooter it was more stable because it was heavier at the low center of gravity point. Tyler was excited to go for a scooter adventure around Oakdale.
The tree that ate a house
Rusty stopped to photo the tree that ate a house.
Tyler was amazed. He had never before seen a tree that ate a house.
There was still a small path to the door. But Tyler feared the tree would soon eat even that.
It was a beautiful day.

There was no wind.

It was a perfect autumn day.

Golden leaves softly fell onto the ground.

Tyler liked this new season called autumn. It was cooler than the hot summer had been.

He had never experienced autumn before because he had been born on Earth that past spring.

Tyler was only 7 months old. He knew hot summer, and now cool autumn.
The soccer park where kids practiced was empty.

Boxville was so quiet it was like the world had stopped.

Tyler tested the grass in the soccer park. It was magical grass, just like the stuff in the Boxville Park.
Searching for fruit trees
After rolling in the grass they rode off on their mission to find residential fruit trees.

They found St. Francis and a cherub, but no fruit tree.
They found a house that had a rocky creek bed running into the sidewalk, but still no fruit trees.
Another house in Boxville had a mating pair of deer.

But the aspen trees did not offer any edible fruit.
Oakdale Winery
They found a funky old run down, beat up winery with a small field of grapes. That was no use because they could not steal free grapes from a commercial enterprise without getting shot or something.

Rusty had not had any alcohol since June, 1990. He was sober. Tyler was still too young to drink.
The railroad spur
They even looked around the rail road tracks to see if any fruit had fallen off a train. There was nothing but the rock used to ballast the ties.
They found one fruit tree!

But unfortunately it was for the worst of all fruits - the persimmon.

Persimmons are so sour they can make your hair curl. Only really ripe ones are edible, but even then they taste like sour slime.
Uh oh!

There was a pack of yapping dogs next to the persimmon tree.

They would have a hard time stealing fruit from that tree without setting off the barking pack of rats.
Free fruit from residential trees was not looking like a likely way to feed Rusty during the Second Great Depression during the Reign of Lord Obama (as the economic crisis was called). They would have to search the North part of town, and even cross the main railroad tracks to reach the older part of Oakdale.
Tyler said "Arf! Forget free fruit! Let's trick or treat for Halloween candy!"
But Rusty shook his head. "Candy not for dogs. Not for fat old Rusty either because he has diabetes."
Tyler was still smiling. "Arf! I like doing anything with you Rusty. Doesn't matter."
And Rusty nodded. "I like doing stuff with you, too, Tyler."
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