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Tyler: 2010 adventures
Tyler's winter storm roof
Rusty lay awake during the warm summer nights designing a way to cover Tyler's dog deck.

He knew that without a roof it would be a cold, wet, unusable place. But with the right roof Tyler could enjoy it all winter.

Inside Rusty's mind he built wooden supports, laying a PVC pipe frame over it to hold the waterproof tarp he would buy.

Then one day it was time to go to work and build it.
Tyler was proud that Rusty was a world famous designer, architect and award winning engineer.

"Arf lucky me!" Tyler thought. He knew Rusty would build a protective roof over his dog deck to keep it dry for his enjoyment all winter long.
Tyler helped Rusty build the deck project
When Rusty pushed 10 foot long 2x4's over the fence Tyler grabbed one in his mouth to drag it around like Rusty did. He was like a little boy imitating his father.

"Wow!" said Rusty. He was impressed Tyler could drag a 10 foot long 2x4.

When Rusty pushed a stack of 20 foot long PVC pipe over the fence Tyler grabbed one and dragged it off to play with.

Rusty cut a 2' length of the white pipe to toss to Tyler as a fetch toy. But Tyler still liked to drag the 20 foot long one.
When the tarp went on it looked wonderful!

Tyler could see why Rusty was a world famous architect. It really was an elegant design. So bright and uplifting! It was the best thing a young dog could hope for.
The roof was bright! Tyler liked that part. It was a happy roof.
Rusty even moved Tyler's special dog house onto the deck. When it was stormy & raining Tyler could take cover in his yellow house. He would be outside the house where he felt free and independent without getting drenched by the rain.
As Rusty worked late into the night to finish the deck roof Bobcat came to watch.

Bobcat stayed up in the almond tree out of reach from the fierce young dog.
Bobcat enjoyed staring at Tyler from a safe vantage point.

At the right moment he would leap to the ground, sprint across the yard and dart up the cat exit ramp. It was a game called "Dog can't catch me".
Suddenly the game was on!
Bobcat darted up the ramp and out the cat exit.

Tyler chased him in vain.

Poor Tyler had lost another round of "Dog can't catch me!"
Tyler was frustrated and a bit despondent because he lost another cat chase. He had a hard time understanding how some tiny furry ball could be the boss of him.

But it was true, cats were pack leaders.

Tyler was confused in his brain because Rusty always said "No chase cat!", and "No chew cat!", and "Cat friend".

Then why, thought Tyler, did he have such a strong urge to chase & chew Bobcat?
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