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Tyler: 2010 adventures
Tyler explores Oakdale
(above) Tyler knew trains went through town all the time, but had never seen the cabose in the park before.
Rusty got the scooter ready
Leash, water bottle, MP3 player, camera, hat, sunglasses...

Rusty admired the Pride Celebrity X from Modesto Mobility. It was like a sports car for old fat guys with bad backs and torn knees. To Tyler it was a gift from Heaven. It made Rusty feel like he was 10 years old once more.
"Hey Tyler!" Rusty called. Wanna go for a electric scooter adventure?

Tyler was always ready to go scootering with his master Rusty. As soon as Rusty got out the special retractable leash the young shepherd was excited.
Rusty went to get Tyler.
As soon as they started to move Tyler was a happy dog. Trotting next to his master was the high point of his day.

Rusty was proud of him, too.
Tyler's most important job
Marking territory
On the way off the property Tyler had to stop to perform his daily job. This was serious business so let's take a moment to understand it.

Living in the country meant that wild animals prowled about day and night. There was a fox, raccoons, possums, feral cats, hawks, and of course rats & gophers.

When the pasture was lush hawks patrolled it to grab up rodents for tasty meals. They even eyed Rusty's cats when they were young kittens--but they'd never dare to attack one when it was grown.

Feral cats were a serious problem
Un-neutered male cats living wild became large, powerful, and desperate hunters. Year after year they snuck around outside the house at night trying to steal food from his cats. The cats protected their home but suffered bites that became infected.

April-May 2009
Rusty paid $600 in vet bills when an aggressive feral cat bit each one of his 3-cats. Dusty ran up a $300 bill because her wound required an overnight stay with surgery to debride the infected area. In July Tyler joined the family to protect the cats. That truly was his job, the reason God sent him to live with Rusty. The German Shepherd peed and pooped the length of the driveway each day.

No feral cat had been seen near the house since Tyler came to live at Cat & Cactus Heaven. All the wild animals were too scared of the droppings from this great canine warrior. They did not want to meet that dog!
(above) Tyler leaves a message outside the old kennel that now had a fox living inside. His message was "I'm Tyler and I own this territory. I am the protector of Racoony, Dustball, and Bobcat."
The scooter drove OK on the orchard path
It was with great relief that they discovered the orchard path was packed smoothly and firmly enough to support the electric scooter —so Rusty could take Tyler to his favorite place to watch the sunset.
Practicing dog commands







And then the release command "OK!"

Rusty was beginning to wonder if Tyler was simply learning to pose for photos. He certainly was well behaved when the camera was on him.

They scootered to a park where kids practiced soccer.
Tyler wished he could be released from the leash
He'd run like the wind to show those little kids how to play with that ball! "Oh yes! Bouncy ball!" he thought to his dog self.

But Rusty shook his head and mumbled "Unh - unh". Tyler would require months of training before he could be allowed off leash.
The Oakdale Santa Fe park
Tyler saw a big, noisy fire engine roaring away from the Fire Station.

The firemen waved to him.

Tyler didn't know what to think because he didn't know what fireman did or what fire was.
Tyler did know what grass was!
Grass was one of Tyler's favorite things. He'd roll around on it until he was in a dog state of bliss.

Most of all he enjoyed thick, cool grass.

Soon enough it was time to head back to Cat & Cactus Heaven.

Tyler was well exercised; so he was happy. Rusty was delighted that the new electric scooter was so much fun for both of them.
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