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Tyler: 2010 adventures
Tyler's amazing electric scooter
(above) Tyler's new electric scooter was a million times better than the noisy old beast tractor! He was super happy.
Tyler had not had a walk for several days. The old tractor broke an axle. It would be a hassle to repair it.
Rusty was sad, which made Tyler sad because they enjoyed their daily adventures trotting about Oakdale.

Rusty tried to get an electric mobility scooter but it was complicated. Internet sites did not have any showroom where he could go test one to see if it was really worth buying.

Also Rusty had to kind of juggle his expenses to buy one...and no one was sympathetic. No one wanted to help him and Tyler. It was going to take all the money from Christmas sales to pay for it. But Rusty knew they could swing if...if only someone would open up a tiny ray of hope. That is when Rusty remembered Tyler was magic. He was St. Tyler the Wonder Dog.
(above) The mystery mansion lay at the Gates of Heaven. It was an entire block enclosed by an iron picket fence. It was cool.
Tyler's scooter miracle
Rusty remembered that things happen for a reason. Well not always but let's not go there right now. Anyway—the tractor broke down for a reason. Rusty remembered that Tyler's soul had been created by 10,000 Angels, that he had waited all his life to be worthy of having Tyler for his friend.

For example, when the tree limb cracked open his skull last summer Tyler had gone to the Emergency room with him. They asked "Is that your service dog?" and Rusty said "No, he's my attorney and must be present during all medical procedures." That seemed OK with the nurse so they let Tyler stay with him while they stapled Rusty's head. That was impossible so it must have been a miracle. "He's my attorney...?!" It was like that scene in Star Wars where Obi-Wan Kenobi tells the Storm Trooper "These aren't the droids you're looking for. Move along."

So you see, Tyler is magic—kind of like Obi-Wan, or Jesus. Heck, everyone who met the wonder dog knew he was magic. You can see it in his smiling eyes.

(above) the overgrown mystery house inside the Gates of Heaven. It looked like something from Charles Dickens book David Copperfield. Tyler wondered if maybe God lived in there...
Was Tyler magic like Obi-Wan Kenobe?
Stormtrooper: Let me see your identification.

Obi-Wan: [with a small wave of his hand] You don't need to see his identification

Stormtrooper: We don't need to see his identification

Obi-Wan: These aren't the droids you're looking for

Stormtrooper: These aren't the droids we're looking for

Obi-Wan: He can go about his business

Stormtrooper: You can go about your business

Obi-Wan: Move along

Stormtrooper: Move along... move along

When the tractor broke down it was actually a miracle in disguise as they say. It was a noisy, dangerous machine that had almost killed Rusty when it ran over him. Neither Rusty nor Tyler really liked it, but that was all they had to walk Tyler because Rusty had degenerative disc disease and a torn right knee. Oh, and he was too fat to very walk far anyway. They had to use the mechanical beast.

Tyler attended Donna Soderstrom's first dog training class on October 14. There were half a dozen other dogs that drove Tyler crazy with distraction. He was jumping and squirming so much Rusty had to put him in the down position and stand on the leash for most of the class.

Those 6 dogs in Donna's class all wanted to be free of their leashes to sniff and play with each other. But no, instead they had to "Sit", "Look at me", and all that dog training stuff.

(right) Tyler looking through the Gates of Heaven
Rusty told the dog training lady about the tractor and how that prevented Tyler from getting his exercise. He asked her if she knew anything about mobility scooters.

Well, here is where the miracle happened—she gave him the name of a friend, Carole McFarland, with The Society of Handicapped fat guys and German Shepherds. Or something like that. After class Rusty emailed her.

Carole McFarland was an Angel! She quickly emailed back and suggested a call to Robert Borman of Modesto Mobility.

Rusty called. WOW! He was super positive & helpful. Tyler and Rusty test drove a scooter the very next afternoon. Tyler just loved it! It was fast! It was quiet!

(right) Because Tyler was a Saint, when he lay down flowers magically appeared around him.
(above) Roses were Tyler's favorite flower so Rusty picked some for him.
Robert Borman at Modesto Mobility was just amazing! He knew all about these machines. He only sold really good quality ones. The miracle was he took a partial payment, a down payment on Tyler's American Express, and let him take the scooter home right then and there. WOW!

When they went for their walk the scooter was so silent Tyler could use his sensitive hearing to pick up all sorts of sounds. Rusty could actually hear his MP3 player for the first time. All that noisy, vibrating old tractor had been transformed into a silent stealth mode flying carpet. It was faster than the tractor so Tyler really had to prance to keep up. That was good for his dog muscles to get the endorphins flowing through his body. Tyler was in bliss!

Rusty was super happy. They went all the way to the mystery mansion—the one that reminded Rusty of that Charles Dickens story about David Copperfield. It had rose bushes so Rusty picked two roses for his dog pal. Those were Tyler's favorite.

Tyler was much, much happier trotting next to Rusty on the electric flying carpet. On the way home Rusty spotted a young couple jogging towards them on the other side of the road. They each had a leash with a huge shaggy dog. Rusty pulled over to the curb, brining Tyler next to him and made him sit. He held Tyler's collar as the joggers passed and sure enough—the two dogs exploded in barking. They pulled so powerfully that they nearly dragged the two joggers across the street.

But Tyler's cheek rested on Rusty's leg as he held his beloved dog. Tyler never barked as the other dogs disrespectfully dragged their owners in an uncontrollable outburst. Tyler had learned to stay cool, Rusty had learned how to handle such a magnificent canine spirit.

As they quietly resumed their adventure it was obvious to Rusty that Tyler was magic. Now they had a magic electric flying carpet, too. There would be many, many more wonderful adventures shared by these two friends.

The end
More adventures of Tyler the Wonder Dog...

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