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Tyler finds the Garden of Eden
Apples — Tyler knew Rusty wanted to find an apple tree.
The store bought apples were too hard, too tart. Rusty tried pink lady,
red delicious, fuji apples, etc. Every time he got apples they were hard and sour.

He cut them into slices but they just didn't taste good. He left them to ripen for
weeks until they simply became mealy & bland.

Rusty sliced them into a baking dish with brown sugar & cinnamon. When cooked
they were tasty! But all that added sugar was not good for his diabetes.

Tyler knew Rusty was searching everywhere for an apple tree. They found two
that summer - a green apple tree and a red apple tree. But both were small, hard,
sour. Cider apples - not sweet eating apples.

"Follow me!" said Tyler "I smell apples!"
Rusty followed
On and on Tyler trotted looking for the apples.

He smelled them. Their scent drifted on the air currents.
Tyler led Rusty farther down the road than they had ever gone before
Tyler stopped by a field of strawberries
Rusty had stayed away from this because workers were planting it last fall. Now it was sitting in winter dormancy.

"Are we there yet?" Rusty asked.

"ARRRFFF!" said Tyler because there was something that frightened him. Rusty felt it, too. He was glad Tyler the Wonder Dog was with him.
Tyler alerted on something—a potential danger!
Rusty was scared. Something in the distance made a sound that caused Tyler to alert on it. Tyler was scared, too. They had never been so far into the miles and miles of orchard access roads. It was near sunset on a Sunday. Rusty had no cell phone if the scooter broke down, or if it skidded into a ditch, or fell down a hole. He had to stay calm to keep his dog calm. On and on they quietly scootered deeper into the lonely groves of trees.
Apples! Apples lay on the ground!

They rode through 40 acres of apple trees where bushels of fruits lay dejectedly on the ground.

"Wow!" Rusty thought to his self. "I wonder if those are rotted or edible?" So he stopped and picked one up. When he bit into the skin his face curled up in a smile! "Yes!" he exclaimed. 

The apple was soft, fruity, and sweet.
Rusty expected the Tin Woodman to be around the next corner. Tyler had brought them to this magical place.

Rusty gathered up enough yellow apples to fill the basket on the scooter. Tyler stared up at the birds chirping in the branches.
"Good find Tyler!" he shouted.

Rusty felt safe with Tyler guarding him way out in this lonely, deserted place.

Even if the Wicked Witch of the West showed up Tyler would protect Rusty.
The secret of Tyler's eyes
Tyler's eyes had swooping tan fur over them like huge eyebrows. Dogs have eyebrows, unlike cats.

Tyler has black fur brows with long hairs almost like eye lashes. His beautiful brown eyes were accented, magnified by the way the fur colors grew around them.

His eyebrows rose up and down independently the same as a person with an expressive face.

His look was compelling because his mouth was almost always open in a dog smile. This caused people to frequently say out loud "What a pretty dog!" or "What a good looking dog."
Problem whiskers
Very few women wanted to kiss him, though. He had a lot of dog whiskers that discouraged that.

Rusty told Tyler he had to shave, but never got around to teaching Tyler to use the razor. Anyway you had to buy special PH balanced dog shaving cream and expensive after dog shave so Rusty said "Oh, forget it."

Thus it was that Tyler missed out on all those pretty ladies kissing him.


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