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Tyler's girlfriend Midnight

Tyler went to visit his German Shepherd girlfriend named Midnight.

Midnight is a 7 year old female shepherd. A lovely dog and the flame in Tyler's young heart.

But her owner, Bob, was elderly with many medical problems. So Tyler had to go away that day.

From that day onward Tyler would always open the gate to let himself in. Both Rusty and Bob were impressed at his intelligence to quickly learn how to open the gate.

But Rusty told him it was rude. "You have to be invited in first" he explained to Tyler.

Midnight was in no mood to see Tyler.
She turned her back on him and shot out a stream of urine!

Tyler had never seen pee shoot back in that direction before. He thought it was cool.
Midnight checked a bone she cached in a hole to make sure Tyler had not messed with it.
"Oh, Tyler!" said Rusty.

"Midnight is in a pissy mood today. Oh, well!"

"We'll come back another day when she wants to play with you."
Poor Tyler's heart skipped a beat. He so wanted to play with Midnight.

Oh, well.
January 27, 2010  
Tyler's front door
He had a nice framed calendar photo of a magnificent German Shepherd. Everybody said it looked like him, so Tyler thought it maybe was his real father.

There was also the garbage can bears he and Rusty rescued. The first thing they did was put them in the washing machine.

Garbage can panda was cool.
Tyler looks fierce!

But in reality he was just yawning. Rusty called it a lucky shot.

"I took the picture just as you were yawning Tyler!"

It was a good photo everyone said it was. Everyone asked how it happened so he had to explain it a lot.
Rusty and Tyler stopped at the park to play. Tyler chased his toy named Dino the dinosaur.

He would kill Dino then give him to Rusty to throw again. He liked that game! "Give!" said Rusty. Tyler dropped it.

Then he held it up so Tyler had to jump up like a frisbee dog to grab it as Rusty shouted "Take it!"
The lush late January grass was lush from winter rains. Tyler rolled in it while he yelped in joy.
Tyler had a nice crazy spell rolling over on his back kicking his legs up in the air.
Tyler brought his toy Dino back to Rusty. Rusty would put Dino back in his plastic bag so they could play again another day.

Dino was a very fun toy for a dinosaur. Tyler loved Dino.

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