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January 23, 2010

I can't buy HALT! brand pepper spray in California?
I tried to order Halt! but found they will not ship to California. California requires pepper spray to be under 2 oz.

Muzzle brand Oleoresin Capsaicin (OC) spray.

One person recommended Muzzle for Ratcoon attacks. I found his spelling amusing.

Ebay, $12 to $14 with shipping.

10 spray bursts of 1-second reaching 10 feet.

Key chain. Flip top safety. Test fired, etc.

Both images link to a Google search for pepper spray. I cannot advocate one sleazy seller over another. Everyone is a crook in these final days before the apocalypse.

Tyler attacked my split personality
Tyler ran barking into the Kitchen this morning as I made coffee, watching that movie 10,000 BC on the 13" TV.

I was in an "out loud" argument with myself about something. While I was yelling Tyler ran to me from the main room. He normally has to stop at the kitchen entrance due to a standing "Get back" command; unless I invite him in.

Tyler overran the "Get back" boundary to rush to my defense barking, ready to protect me from the side of myself I was arguing with. His face darted about looking for the intruder. He checked the front door, even put his snout into the cat door - while I thought up a way to explain this to him.

"Unh, uh!" I said in reaction to the door prodding. Tyler returned to my side. I pointed at the TV where the tribe of woolly mammoth hunters were shouting & jumping holding spears. I chanted with them, shouting in gibberish for Tyler's sake.

"See Tyler? Just the TV! I was arguing with the TV" I lied to him. (He sometimes barks back at TV dogs on Animal Planet, or The Dog Whisperer.)

I had been arguing with myself - one of the consequences of a lifetime of living alone. As a child it was embarrassing when people caught me talking to myself. Now Tyler catches me at it.

What if?
If I was in a really violent argument with myself Tyler might attack the wrong side. You have to careful living with a German Shepherd because their protective instinct extends to TV sets and split personalities; it knows no bounds.
Tyler ran to protect me when I was arguing with myself.

I yelled at Tyler in anger
Teaching him to "Stay" is a critical command for his safety. Today we were having a playful afternoon on the farm as he followed me on a 30' long line. There were chores to do, Tyler enjoyed exploring the different areas where we stopped for me to do some bit of work.

Finishing up I attached the long line to the hook by the deck entrance. "Sit! STAY!" I commanded. But when I came back from the garage he was at the end of the long line fixated on my cat Raccoony. "NO!" I exploded at him. "Stay means stay!"

At this point in obedience Tyler is expected to hold a stay for a long time and do so even with distractions.

He followed my finger snap with sweeping arm point back to the place he was to sit. "STAY MEANS STAY!" I shouted. Then I went to out of his sight to my car. A few minutes later he walked around the corner to see what I was doing. I exploded with "NO! NO! Stay means stay!"

Again I snapped fingers, pointed to the spot he was to sit. He sat. I went back to my car.

5 minutes later I checked on Tyler. What I saw almost made me cry. He was sitting perfectly like a little soldier on guard duty. The look on his face would melt the blackest heart. He looked at me with big doe eyes. He realized the seriousness of my intentions, he was determined to please me.

Tyler sat and stayed better than anything I have ever seen from him. He knew I was serious, but he had not been; he'd been in a playful mood. Feeling my reaction, he wanted to prove he could do what I asked. His determination to "Stay" was rock solid. It said "Look! I can do it! I know what you want!"

I moved tools into the house, put away my mail, took out the garbage. Tyler would not move from his guard spot. Each time I passed he was sitting like a scolded child, searching my face for redemption with his big brown eyes.

Tyler proved to me in a powerful way that a German Shepherd is an honorable, loyal companion. When he knows what I want he does it for me. After 20 minutes I took off the long line, attached his short leash to march him into the house. When I released him he ran up on to his grooming table all smiles. "What next Rusty?!" he expressed. God! What a great dog!

To reward him we played his favorite games - dancing duck tied to a lunge whip pole, and tug of war with a raccoon pelt. He had a good time, do did I. Then I groomed him, fed him, hand washed his dirty collar. He played with his friend Bobcat. I had fallen ever more deeply into love & respect for this magnificent friend.

Next adventure of Tyler the Wonder Dog...
Tyler sat and stayed better than anything I have ever seen from him. He knew I was serious...his determination said "Look! I can do it! I know what you want!"
To reward him we played his favorite games - he had a good time, and so do did I.

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