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Sheep pasture play in the Central Valley (page two)
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Millie was new to the ranch — having just been adopted in April of 2014. These photos were taken 2 months later.

rough collie talks with german shepherd in sheep pasture
Tyler, Collie, and Angel, all taught new dog Millie the fabulous game of dog play in the pasture.  

The long, warm summer evening were glorious!
 great pyrenees livestock guardian, rough collies, and german shepherd with flock of sheep
Running, barking, tackling, snarling, play fighting &#8212 Millie thought it was all a blast!

The 2 year old rough collie was deliriously happy chasing lambs, she could out run Tyler, enjoyed herding chickens, and wrestled with her sister collie rolling in the lush grass.

The other dogs liked her, they were all her friends.

For Millie this was the most wonderful summer she had ever had!
 rough collie in sable, black, and white with a white rough like Lassie
"Tyler! I like you...but not in that way"  said Millie 

at first tried his standard domination moves on little Millie (half his size).  In this photo he's embracing her as if he's lustful but its really just "you're new and I have to dominate you." But Millie showed her collie nature&#8212the breed are indomitable because they have protected sheep for hundreds of years.

A collie will fight to the death against any predator of its livestock. You have to see it first hand to believe it. When my first rough collie was just 8 weeks old she attacked Tyler to dominate him.

Millie came to us at 2 years old but has the same "don't dominate me" attitude as Collie. Millie quickly showed Tyler she has sharp teeth, a powerful body, and is faster on her feet than he is.

Tyler soon accepted her as a worthy pack member — not a submissive dog to lay down for him. That's my Millie! 
rough collie, german shepherd trying to show dominance 
 rough collie, lassie type collie, sable, black, and white rough fur coat struts across pasture
Look at that snarl on Collie's face! 
rough collie, lassie type collie, sable, black, and white rough fur coat snarls at her sister 
Everyone chase the livestock guardian dog! Big fun chase Angel! Run Millie! Run Tyler! Run Collie!
Time out to herd the sheep back into the enclosure... Oh, Millie is figuring it out...good girl...
"Gentle dog, Millie...be gentle dog...no chase...keep them calm...that's right...good job!"
rough collie herds sheep while german shepherd watches sheep 
This is the dorper breed of sheep, and a few Katahdin ewes. Currently I have a total of 14...
"Arf!" snarled Millie. "Big fun bash Livestock Dog! Can I beat her up, too?" 
She runs for the joy of it.

Her tight muscular frame rocks as she seems to fly over the ground

"Run Millie! Run!"
rough collie, sable and white lassie type collie, running 
Millie play Collie!

Like sisters intoxicated with the physical enjoyment of chasing & wrestling 

They have a blast with each other.

But Collie is jealous...so I have to balance my affection between them. If I praise and pet Millie, Collie will rush in to get affection, too.
millie is a rough collie, or lassie style collie, and so is the other dog. Both are sable with white collar fur millie is a rough collie playing with her lassie collie sister, Collie
Enlarged telephoto
shows all four legs off the ground.

See how Millie almost floats in the air?

She loves to run!
millie is a rough collie who loves to run for the joy it gives her

Millie (left) ........................................................ and Collie (right) 
 rough collie, lassie type collie, Millie struts in sheep pasture rough collie watches sheep 
Millie does her signature move called "Head rub" where she presses her cheeks into the ground.

Recently she did this at 4 AM on a walk across town. Millie stopped to do this same maneuver in the middle of the street.

There was a greasy organic spot that appeared to be a road kill.

She wanted that scent on her cheeks!

Dogs. Go figure...

Millie & Angel

They live in Dog Heaven
 livestock guardian dog is great pyrenees x akbash, rough collie with sable fur in sheep pasture
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