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Dog social skills rehab — "Play nice!" (Why Tyler needs Pt. Isabel)
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German Shepherd Tyler was born March, 2009. He is huge; 30" at the shoulders, weighs 120 lbs. He is a Neutered male and legally registered Service Dog who goes everywhere with me.

Collie is a rough collie called a "Lassie type" Born September 2010, a spayed female, 24" tall & about 75 lbs.

A natural therapy dog who seeks out anyone needing a fluffy collie hug. 
Living in the Central Valley, a land of cattle ranches, orchards, and dairy farms. Tyler spars with the Livestock Guardian Dog (LGD) who lives with our sheep. While this is daily "dog martial arts" fun, it's not appropriate behavior at a dog park. Snarling, growling, barking, tackling, practice biting...maybe OK at home but not at Point Isabel where I have to take him periodically to re-learn polite dog social skills.
 large german shepherd male, livestock guardian dog, and rough collie in sheep pasture
Angel the livestock guardian is a good match for Tyler. She is his size and can outrun him.
lassie collie watches great pyrenees snarl at german shepherd livestock guardian dog battles german shepherd
This is how Tyler loses his polite dog social skills...
rough collie bites livestock guardian dog as german shepherd watches 
You can't do this at the dog park!

When Tyler gets too rough Collie will grab his collar to yank him back!

Millie, the little bitch, likes to attack Angel's rear legs when she can.

This is how dogs really like to play.

And it's loud, too!

Look at  Angel's face. I think she has a giant crush on big boy Tyler.
rough collie learns rough dog play from huge german shepherd and great pyrenees
Angel can outrun Tyler, and if she wanted she could do serious damage to him. Instead she loves his attention.

Angel loves Tyler big time!
great pyrenees goes into submisive posture with german shepherd dominating her
In between knock down fights with leg and throat biting The two huge dogs admire each other. great pyrenees has a huge dog crush on my male german shepherd
Millie is the fastest of all my dogs. She runs for the pure joy of it with her seemingly effortless rocking gallup.
great pyrenees, german shepherd and 2- rough collies rough collie flying through the air gracefully in a full gallup
Big fun Millie play!

Millie pasture run, run, big fun play!
the rough collie, or lassie type collie, in sable & black fur with the white rough (neck collar)
One time Angel attacked Millie
Now she is always a bit leary of Angel.  Millie is careful not to walk past Angel too closely from behind.
My rough collie stands by my great pyrenees livestock guardian dog
Angel was so violent (red zone!) I had rush in to kick her hard in the chest to get her off. Millie had discovered a dead gopher belonging to Angel, triggering the instinctive response. Luckily the collie wasn't hurt.
My rough collie plays with my great pyrenees livestock guardian dog
More pasture dog play...Page 2 
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